Austin Sage | Newborn

So many reasons this session was so special to me.

My best friend Kelsey (and her husband Ryan) have a 5 year old son, Trevor, who I've been lucky enough to watch grow for the past 5 years. It's so fun to have another "nephew" that I've gotten to hang out with almost every week. Kelsey and I always make an effort to have what we call "girls nights" at least one night a week. We get together, watch some trashy TV, usually eat some trashy food (cupcakes is our go-to) and just catch up on life. Let's be honest.. it keeps us both sane. Over the past 5 years of girls nights, I've been able to watch Trevor turn into such a lively, funny and smart little boy and now I get to watch him be a BIG BRO! 

Austin was born just 6 days before my birthday on July 13th. I was hoping we could share a birthday but Austin had other ideas ;) Now the best part of girls nights is when I get to snuggle him! It's seriously the best to be able to spend so much time with my now TWO "nephews." :) 

I was lucky enough to be able to take Austin's newborn photos shortly after he was born. He was so snuggly and slept so well for me! You'll see the sailboat pillow in the background of some and that was actually his dad's pillow when he was little. I also love his "hi" hat :) It's so Kelsey and Ryan!



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