BLING | Iowa Engagement and Wedding Photographer | Katharyne's Ring Favorites

One of my favorite parts of shooting weddings, engagements and even family/children portraits are the details. I love those details. It completes the story we are telling and it's so fun to see what each person brings into their session. Out of all the details, by far my most favorite detail is the BLING! I love bling shots! So shiny. So flashy. So FUN!

I wanted to do something a little different with this blog post and show all of you some of my favorite engagement/wedding ring shots throughout the years. It's kind of been my own personal challenge lately to get unique ring shots and do something to incorporate their style or the surroundings we're in. 

Join me in drooling over some of these fabulous rings! Which one is your favorite? Do you recognize yours? 

xoxo - Katharyne

What a way to kick off this bling post.. with this shiny beauty! This was from a recent proposal shoot and I love the shape of this diamond. Absolutely gorgeous!

SUSHI. RINGS IN SUSHI. I don't think I need to say anything else. Thanks to Akebono for letting us get this fab shot!

Unique rings! LOVE! When I commented on how unique the ring was and complimented the groom on picking it out he said "I wanted to get her something beautiful and unique.. just like her" AWWW!

I took this one at a recent engagement session and I loved everything about it. The light. The bling. The colors. 

And THIS is why I love spring weddings! The colors are always so spectacular and I love how it frames the ring in this shot!

When you're in Napa and you have beautiful grapes and a cute tea cup you take advantage and rock the rings on top! 

Another unique but equally as gorgeous engagement ring. Love the solid band of diamonds! The yellow flowers were so beautiful, I wanted to incorporate them into the BLING!

Last year I had a couple who came to me and she said "I love glitter. I want it incorporate into my engagement photos!" Ummmm ok!! Didn't have to tell me twice ;) We were all covered in glitter by the end of the session and it was so worth it!

Who doesn't love a good ring in the leaves shot?! I've loved these gorgeous Iowa trees changing the colors the past few weeks. 

Had to end this post with this classic engagement ring shot. I love the black lace and how well it compliments the ring. Fun fact: I get to take this couple's wedding photos in the Dominican Republic next July!!!