Bryan & Haleigh | Des Moines, Iowa Sunset Proposal | Iowa State Capitol

When one of my best friends, Bryan, called me and told me he was going to propose to his girlfriend and wanted me there to capture it, I was SO honored. Excited. Happy! He had the whole day planned down to every last detail. It was so sweet :)

Their first date was at the Capitol Building and he wanted them both to relive that the night he proposed. He wanted it at sunset, which you'll see from the photos was the best idea EVER! 

Fast forward 2 months and we met the week before the proposal to plan everything out. We found the spot, planned the time, figured out how we would communicate without her knowing! I couldn't wait!! 

The proposal night came, I got the Capitol and there was a protest going on IN THE SPOT! Ah! What are the odds haha! After making a few calls to one of our mutual friends who could call and tell Bryan and me snapping cell phone pictures of where the new spot should be, Bryan showed and Haleigh showed up and walked around the Capitol, just taking the night in together. I was stalking them in the bushes ;) Even with our minor hiccup, the night still played out perfectly!! It was so beautiful and being able to capture that moment was such an honor! After the proposal, Bryan pointed me out in the bushes and after running up and hugging them both, we took some more amazing sunset photos of the two of them!

Thank you Bryan for asking me to capture this special moment for you. I loved every second of it! And Haleigh, thank you for being so great to Bryan! You're such an amazing couple and I love you both!

This moment literally could not have been more perfect. Bryan, you are so right. Your mom was right there with you. I can just feel it in this photo! <3

I always love the moments when the guys point me out haha her reaction is on the right!


Ahhh look at the love and happiness in this photo!! :)

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