Charlotte | Des Moines, Iowa Newborn Photographer

Charlotte's mom, Christie, and I grew up across the street from each other. I can still remember the day when her and her mom went rollerblading by our house and introduced themselves. At the age of 5, we became inseparable! We did everything together - made up dances in the garage, played barbies, and always had fun together with all the neighborhood girls (shoutout to Courtney and Addy!). Throughout the years, we all went different ways when we went off to school and lived in different cities, but Christie and I are now back to living within 2 miles from each other and it's been so fun to grow close again! Especially when Miss Charlotte made her entrance into the world!! 

Christie is such an amazing mom already, and Charlotte is so lucky to have Christie and Charlie as her mommy and daddy! Charlotte is so, so precious and I'm so honored I was able to capture these first moments of their family of 3!