It's Announcement Time | Katharyne Dunn Photography | Des Moines, Iowa Photographer

You. Every single one of you! I would not be where I am today without my amazing clients. Clients who are more like friends and family. Clients who have touched my life in so many ways. I am so thankful. I've watched this video over and over, and each time my heart literally feels like it's going to explode with so much joy!! <3 Lots of happy tears over here today :)

Are you ready?

Here it comes..


I am officially a FULL TIME photographer in the Des Moines area!!! This is real life, y'all! It has finally happened and I have never been so excited to start a journey more than I am now! With your love and support throughout the past 5 years, I am now able to make my DREAM become a REALITY!  I don't know where these next 5 years will take me and my business, but I do know that I'm so thankful to have all of YOU along for the ride with me!



Also, let's take a quick second to talk about how AMAZING my mama did at taking these photos of me! After all, her camera and her love for photography is how my business got started in the first place - it seemed so fitting <3

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