Katharyne and Hayley's Adventure to the Ice Castles | Eden Prairie, Minnesota | Eden Prairie Ice Castles

This past weekend, one of my best friends, Hayley, and I took a spontaneous trip up to Minneapolis for the weekend. We ate lots of good food, went shopping and drank some fabulous cider at Sociable Cider (anyone who knows me, knows that I looooove some cider!!) One of our stops was also at the amazing Ice Castles of Eden Prairie, Minnesota! Last month, I won two tickets to the Ice Castles from the most adorable couple known as The Nomadic Newlyweds! I was so excited because I had never even heard of the Ice Castles and had definitely never seen anything like it! We got so lucky with weather - 40 degrees, sunny and minimal wind. It was a beautiful day and was packed!

When you pull up to the Ice Castles, you see this enormous mountain of ice and without even going inside, you're in awe! Once you enter, you don't expect them to be this large! There was way more to look at and explore than I could have imagined! We had fun taking goofy pictures, seeing the princesses from Frozen (OMG), sitting on ice chairs and going through the ice maze. 

Thanks to my gorgeous friend Hayley for coming with me, the Nomadic Newlyweds for this amazing opportunity and to everyone at the Ice Castles for providing this fun and beautiful experience for everyone! I highly suggest everyone head to Eden Prairie (or their other two locations) to see these at some point in their life. You won't regret it!

*Sidenote: we unintentionally matched ;)