Napa Shootout | California Wedding Photographer

This year I've started to accomplish my goal of traveling more with my business. I've been to Nevada, Punta Cana, California and several other places around the midwest for sessions and stylized shoots. In the coming year I'll be heading back to Punta Cana, Florida, Las Vegas, New York and many others!

In September I flew out to Napa and it was one of my favorite trips yet! Not only because it was a week full of some of the best wine I've ever drank (ha!), but because this stylized shoot was to. die. for. A huge thanks to Blue Dandelion Photography and The Salty Peanut Photography for all the hard work! The scenery was breathtaking, plus we had some beautiful models and details and it all took place at V. Sattui in some of their vines. The evening couldn't have been more perfect.

As I type this while it's 40 degrees outsideā€¦I really wish I was back there re-living this day and enjoying the weather! But looking over these photos will do :)

Where's your favorite place you've traveled to - for fun or for business?

Katharyne Dunn9 Comments