Tuesdays Together | Des Moines, Iowa September Gathering | Rising Tide Society

Hi All!

Tuesday I had the pleasure of leading Des Moines, Iowa's first ever Tuesdays Together gathering at Wheelhouse Studio and it was everything I could have hoped it'd be! We were small, but mighty, and it was amazing to see fellow creatives come together for encouragement and for community over competition. Plus, we had some awesome cupcakes from Scratch Cupcakery ;)

If you've never heard of Tuesdays Together or the Rising Tide Society, they're an amazing group who created this movement for creatives across the globe to come together and inspire each other. You can find more info here and see if there is a group in your area here! I hope to see all of my fellow creatives join in on this amazing movement!

We had a lovely 2 hour chat about routines and how to implement new ideas into our daily schedules. Below are just a few of things we talked about. I hope they help you as much as they have me already!

Who doesn't love apps? We're all attached to our phones anyways ;) so it's always great to have them at your fingertips to utilize for every day needs! Here are a few that we loved:
Asana (what I use for my business - such a life saver!)
17 hats 

As a creative, it's so important to know what's urgent, what needs to be done this week/month and what is on your long term to-do list. Taking a day at the beginning of each week to write down all of your tasks, meetings, etc. will help you see things in the larger spectrum. Break your tasks into manageable portions; this was something all of us agreed is huge in having a good daily and weekly routine!

Whether you're business is a full-time job or a part-time job on top of your full-time job, it is important that you take time for yourself throughout the day. As a business owner who has recently gone full-time, I thought I would have more free time than I did when I was working 60 hours a week with 2 jobs... WRONG! Now that I have more time for my business, I have more time to accomplish things I've wanted to for years and have a hard time turning work "off." ;) It's okay to have time for yourself, friends and family. You should go have that drink with a friend you haven't seen in months, you should go on that walk to clear your mind of the day's craziness. Take time for you - your clients will thank you :)

This is just a small portion of what we talked about on Tuesday - everything was SO beneficial to me and I hope it was for everyone else as well! If you're in the Des Moines area and are a fellow creative, join our Facebook group and we'd love to have you at our gatherings!


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